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Miss Odessa 2018 (SecureDating.com)

Single Ukrainian Lady Miss Odessa 2018

Veronica Shuvalova is a beautiful Ukrainian lady, a student of National University Odessa Law Academy and the winner of the beauty pageant Miss Odessa 2018. She was crowned with a very beautiful crown made out white gold, featuring 1997 gems. The finals of the city’s main beauty contest took place on the 8th of December at the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre in Odessa, Ukraine. Veronica Shuvalova – the winner of the competition – is a professional model, a ballet dancer and a scholar.

“Today one of my biggest dreams has come true – after I won the title Miss Academy last year I was really wishing to get the main crown of our city, and now this dream is a reality” – told Veronica after the pageant.

This has already became a tradition, when the students of Odessa Law Academy win titles at the main beauty competition of the city. Last year a title of Miss Odessa Universal also went to a student of the Law Academy – Victoria Melnichenko, she has shown excellent results at each stage of the competition, including the intellectual part. Victoria is an exceptional Ukrainian lady with great values, who named her mother as her personal role model.


Dating Beautiful Ukrainian Girls Miss Odessa 2017


French Spring in Odessa Ukraine

Romantic Ukrainian girls believe that French language is the language of love and romance. French culture is also very interesting for educated boys and girls from Odessa; that is why the annual event French Spring is always awaited with great impatience.

The French Spring is a festival of art and culture that takes place annually in all big cities of Ukraine. This event has taken an important place in the cultural calendar and became loved not only by Ukrainian ladies and gentlemen of the general public, but also by the professionals of media and culture.

This year the Embassy of France in Ukraine together with the French Alliance will present the 10th French Spring, it will be held from the 2nd till the 28th of April. As a part of the festival we will be able to see theatrical plays, premiers of French films, photo and art exhibitions as well as concerts.

The fashion festival Odessa Fashion Day will present again collections of designers from Marseille, the demonstrations will be held on the 5th, 6th and 7th of April.

Also the festival’s programme includes a cinematographic concert dedicated to the director of silent films Georges Méliès, a French film festival, a dance play “Tiger, tiger, burning bright”, a theatrical play “Cri du coq”, an organ concert of Bernard Struber and many other exciting events.

To make the most out of your Ukrainian dating and travelling experience, invite you beautiful date from Odessa to some of these cultural events.


Ukrainian Girls Love French Language


Poster for symphonic concert in Odessa, Ukraine

Elegant Ukrainian Women enjoy classical music.

This year Odessa National Philharmonic Orchestra, with its principal conductor Hobart Earle, presents to the audience a holiday music programme. The concert is dedicated to the Gregorian Christmas and will be an evening of music by Tchaikovsky.

Large pieces from Swan Lake, The Nutcracker – traditional Christmas piece, and other famous composition by Tchaikovsky will be performed on the 25th of December.

Currently in his nineteenth season as the Music Director and Principal Conductor of the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra, Mr. Earle has elevated the orchestra to a position of international prominence.

In recognition of his work with the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra, Hobart Earle was awarded the title “Distinguished Artist of Ukraine”, the first and only foreigner in the history of Ukraine.


Odessa National Phylarmonic Orchestra

The Beauty of Ukrainian Women Stops Netherlands Men From Going to Euro 2012 – (SecureDating.com)

Netherland power company launched a media campaign against pretty Ukrainian girls. They urge men from Netherlands not to visit Ukraine because Ukrainian girls are simply too pretty.

With Euro 2012 getting closer by the minute, new scandals and controversies arise every day. This time, it’s the Netherlands, with a TV ad urging women to keep their men at home and forbid them from visiting Euro 2012 in Ukraine. The reason for this is quite unusual – there are simply too many beautiful Ukrainian girls in the country.

The ad is being played during prime-time on TV channels NED-1 and NED-2 and it was created by Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij, one of Netherlands power suppliers.

The video ad features a woman running a search on google, using “ukrainian women” as a search query. The woman is then presented with a huge number of pretty Ukrainian girls and makes disapproving noises. As she slaps her laptop shut, her husband is shown watching football on a couch. At this moment, the NLE logo is displayed on the screen and the ad offers to purchase a power plan that comes with a beer maker. The slogan for the ad is “keep him home”.

While the ad is clearly made to be condescending towards Ukrainian girls, it is likely to reach the opposite effect. European men will just get another reason to visit Ukraine, after all, they may not have a chance to date such pretty girls back home.

Ukrainian Girl 21 Years of Age Claims to Be Real-Life Barbie [PHOTO]

A real-life Barbie girl was found in Ukraine. Ukrainian girl looks exactly like the iconic doll

A real-life Barbie doll was found in Odessa, Ukraine. Pictures of a Ukrainian girl with blond hair were posted on Facebook and have attracted a lot of attention from the media. While the girl claims to be the closest real-life copy of the doll and the most famous woman in Ukraine on her Facebook page, she shies away from any contact with the media.

A girl from Odessa, Valeria Lukiyanova, is quickly conquering social media with her pictures. She has blond hair, porcelain skin and a waist of just 48 centimeters. The girl dreams about becoming a professional singer and has already recorded her first album, titled Amatue (Amatue is Valeria’s nickname in social networks).

This Ukrainian Barbie girl says that this album is the best thing she has done in her life. Despite her amazing looks, the girl says that the looks are not that important and inner harmony is the only thing that matters to her.

If you thought of dating this Ukrainian girl – you are a little too late. Valeria claims to be happily married and is not looking for new relationships right now.

Miss Jim Beam 2012 – Pretty Ukrainian Girls in Odessa – (SecureDating.com)

A beauty pageant, Miss Jim Beam, gathers hundreds of pretty girls from Odessa. The hardest thing is to choose the prettiest lady among so many hot Ukrainian girls

Odessa is the place to be when it comes to night clubs and Ukrainian girls. This picturesque city has one of the most lively night scenes in Ukraine, so if you are in town this summer, you will definitely not be bored.

This coming Thursday, one of the hottest local clubs “Jim Beam Nova” is holding a beauty pageant among Ukrainian girls. Hundreds of pretty girls from Odessa and other Ukrainian cities will be competing for the title of Miss Jim Beam 2012.

The beauty pageant is a great place for those who come to Odessa to date Ukrainian girls as there are going to be literally hundreds of girls at the club on the night of the event. If you are in Odessa for its dating scene, don’t miss this chance to meet new friends!

Prosto Rock 2012 Festival – Linkin Park and Garbage in Odessa, Ukraine – (SecureDating.com)

See Linkin Park play live in Odessa, Ukraine and meet beautiful Ukrainian girls who like rock music

As time goes by, more news about the upcoming Linkin Park concert in Odessa become available.

As you may already know, Linkin Park is to play their first show in Ukraine on June 12. This is due to become the biggest show of the year, since bands of such caliber rarely venture to Ukraine. To make things even more interesting, another huge band, Garbage, will be joining Linkin Park on stage, after opening their Garbage world tour in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. This is the first chance for Odessa to welcome some of the biggest names in modern rock music at the same time.

The Linkin Park gig will be given as part of the Prosto Rock festival, a music festival that was first held in 1997. Since then, the festival was held four times and most of Russian rock bands participated in it.

So far, we know of only one Ukrainian band that will be supporting Linkin Park and Garbage on stage. The band is called Boombox and it is little known outside of Ukraine, however it has acquired quite a few fans among Ukrainian girls and boys.

The festival will be held on one of Odessa stadiums, Chernomorets, that has been recently rebuilt to be able to accommodate more viewers. The show starts at 6 pm, be there or regret it for the rest of your life!

Rock Festival in Odessa – Linkin Park, Garbage and Other Monsters of Rock – (SecureDating.com)

Listen to Linkin Park play in Odessa and meet beautiful Ukrainian girls on the Port Rock Festival in Ukraine.

Odessa has never seen such a grand show before – some of the biggest names in modern rock music are flying down to play at a local Rock Port Festival. Linkin Park and Garbage – these are just a few names that are headlining the festival. They will be supported by numerous other local and foreign bands. Tickets will go on sale on March 30 and they are expected to be sold out almost instantaneously.

Linkin Park is an American band from California that has been formed in 1996. The band did not see much success until 2005, when their first album “Hybrid theory” has been released. The album went Diamond almost instantaneously and it introduced the band to listeners all over the world. Linkin Park has been named the sixth greatest band of the music video era and the third best of the new millennium by MTV2.

Although Garbage is an American band that was formed in Wisconsin, the lead singer Shirley Manson comes from Scotland, which adds certain charming noes to her contralto vocals. Garbage became known for the singles released in 1995 and 1996, “Only Happy When It Rains” and “Stupid Girl”. Their subsequent self-titled album Garbage went double-platinum and familiarized the whole world with their unique style.

These bands are set to perform in Odessa, Ukraine on June 12, 2012. The show is bound to attract a huge number of fans from all over Ukraine and Russia and you are going to be in Ukraine during this period, you should not deny yourself a chance to submerge into the night of music. The concert will be attended by a huge number of Ukrainian girls, who knows, you may meet a friend there. Russian women know how to have fun.

Remember, tickets to the Linkin Park concert will sell like hotcakes, so you better reserve a few tickets now.