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LP concert in Kiev, Ukraine (SecureDating.com)

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Everyone who has ever listened to LP has been forever enchanted by the beauty of her voice, sensual attractiveness, deep meaning of the lyrics and magical sounds of the ukulele. Laura Pergolizzi has an incredible talent to reach deep into one’s soul. The singer has conquered single Ukrainian women with her hit “Lost on you” followed by an exceptional live performance. Now the time has come to meet once again…

LP writes song lyrics for Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Rita Ora, Backstreet Boys, Cher and many other famous performers. According to LP: “Beautiful People was written for Christina Aguilera together with Nicole Scherzinger in her country-house in the mountains. She was super calm, enjoying a long morning in bed, while I was working, lying on a fluffy carpet next to her when I thought: This is really funny. Everything works out in an incredibly surreal way.”

Despite her boyish looks, the singer possesses a very warm and captive charm. She has never tried to hide her relationships with Tamzin Brown, and the massive amounts of photos of the couple on the net just prove it. Generally, the album “Lost on you” uncovers the deep suffering from a hard love relationship and breakup.

“This was the source of my inspiration. I felt myself lost and disorientated, I was frantically searching for answers, trying to figure out what was happening.”

LP will perform in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, on the 12th of December for everybody who is looking for inspiration, honesty and uplift.

(More about the venue here)


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This winter, together with Ukrainian ladies and men, you will be able to explore a cultural photo exhibition by Alexander Yakimchuk – ”The city by the sea”. Picturesque sceneries, old streets, sweet moments, portraits of men and women from Odessa from the ”old centre” and ”Moldovanka” district.

All these moments were lovingly gathered by the artist with the help of his old film camera from the 80s that he got as a present from his parents over 30 years ago.

The exhibition consists of 50 art works that were done during the last 5 years. The Ukrainian artist produced each and every photo himself using the old methods on bromopropane photo paper. The preparations took around two weeks.

You can enjoy this cultural experience throughout December and get a deeper understanding of the mentality of Ukrainian people, in particular the mentality of beautiful women from Odessa.


Romantic Women of Ukraine


Painting of Ukrainian Woman

This spring the gallery Art Collection in Kiev will show the exhibition that many Ukrainian women and men have been waiting for. The show of most confidential and spicy facet of creativity of Ukrainian artists – eroticism. Kiev has never seen such a concentration of temptation, secret desires and fantasies on the canvas, painted in bright colours.

During all times the eroticism was a powerful and often forbidden source of the artistic inspiration. This topic has always been one of the most intriguing in the society. The erotic art strips away all the veneer and exposes the most natural, direct and defenceless side of a personality. It shows beauty and love without decorations. Erotic paintings are the icons of love itself.

The exhibition focuses on female’s body perfect curves, tempting nude silhouettes. The audience will see the Ukrainian woman in her true eternal image – a mysterious and seductive goddess. “The female body has always been the subject for an artist, – says Ukrainian artist Krivolap – When you have such a powerful tool as colours, you find endless opportunities to materialize your own perception.”

Deyak, Ukrainian artist: “Through out the history of Ukrainian society the subject of physical love and sensual pleasures has been supressed, repressed and replaced. Even today you can still find prejudices and constrains in modern Ukrainian society. But despite the external restraint, Ukrainian ladies have very passionate souls and plenty of sensuality. This exhibition aims to awake the Ukrainian nation from the emotional winter, raise to the surface all the secret passion.”

Voloshyn, the director of Art Collection: “This is an unprecedented exhibition. There has never been anything like this in the artistic Kiev. Today, nude and erotic art works of the best Ukrainian artists have been gathered together. This is an experimental exhibition, since the theme of eroticism is still a taboo for Ukrainian girls and boys, despite the uninhibited views of the modern society. The art presented at the exhibition is made with extreme professionalism; it is absolutely perfect aesthetically. The censorship can’t be applied here.”

The artistic spring in Kiev, Ukraine, is going to be hot and passionate this year.


Ukrainian girls at art exhibition


Thousand of people sitting on the famous Potemkin Stairs, listening to a concert

Have you ever been to the city that is said to have the most beautiful girls in the world? I’m talking about Odessa, “the pearl by the sea”. On the second of September the city celebrates its 218 birthday.

Many delegations from all over the world are arriving to Odessa to join the event. During this day you’ll be able to visit different fairs, concerts, exhibitions, events and a rock festival.

As usual the city will be flooded with tourists, stunning Odessa girls and other citizens.

An annual flower exhibition will take place in the city’s biggest park. As usual in the centre there will be the enormous flower composition of Odessa’s coat of arms. In the evening a gala-concert will take place on the famous Potemkin’s stairs. And of course don’t miss the fireworks.

This day has always been dearest to every citizen of Odessa. And these are not empty words. There are a lot of descriptions of fancy balls and crowded festivals in the literature that describes Odessa’s past.


Beautiful Girl performing at the concert in Odessa

Tasty Easter Treats in Russia – (SecureDating.com)

Paska or Kulich is a traditional bread that is baked by Russian and Ukrainian women for Easter.

Easter is coming to Russia this upcoming weekend and many people are expecting this celebration of spring with joy in their hearts and tummies.

Easter is probably the most expected celebration for Christians in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. The reason for this is because Easter is preceded by lent, the longest and hardest fasting period that lasts over a months when people deny themselves an opportunity to partake in the culinary fiesta that is Russian cuisine. While Russian restaurants long since have learned to get around these lent restrictions by serving delicious food that is still acceptable from the religious point of view, a true Russian soul cannot live without pelmeni, borsch and vodka and these products are strictly forbidden. The Easter weekend marks the end of lent and the beginning of the feast.

While different families serve different kinds of food during this weekend, there are dishes that transverse all countries that practice Orthodox Christianity – boiled eggs and Easter Kulich. The eggs are decorated, they are either painted with one color – in this case, they are called “krashenki”, or intricate pictures are painted on them. The painted versions are called “pisanki” and the are of painting them has been developed to near perfection by Ukrainian women. In rural areas of Ukraine, many Ukrainian families have their own traditional ways to paint pisanki and it is customary to gift all friends and relatives with these home made pieces of art.

Pisanki are hand-painted eggs that are made by Russian and Ukrainian women for Easter.

Kulich, also known as “Paska”, is a sweet pie that is is covered in glaze. It is a very sweet treat, so it is adored by children. You can buy a kulich at the store, however if you want to learn what kulich is all about, you have to get your hands on one baked by a Ukrainian hostess. Kuliches from bakeries will never amount to the sweetness and softness of a home-made Paska.

Home-made wine is a traditional drink for Easter. Sadly, not everyone can purchase home made wines, so it is replaced with regular wine in large cities.

Romantic Drama “Pushkin” in Kiev – (SecureDating.com)

Pushkin play performed in Kiev. Date single Ukrainian girls in Kiev with SecureDating.com

The theater of Sergei Bezrukov offers its original interpretation of the life and destiny of Aleksandr Pushkin.

Aleksand Pushkin is considered to be the greatest Russian poet who lived in the 19th century. At his time, he was pronounced to be a Russian Byron and his poems are just as popular now as they were back then. Pushkin has greatly affected the development of Russian language and was among people who created what is now know as the modern Russian.

The play by Vitalii Bezrukov covers a large period of the poet’s life: starting from his exile to Michailovskoe in 1825 to the tragic duel in 1937.

The play is presented in an unusual form of a video-play: the action on the scene is interrupted by previously filmed episodes that are projected onto the stage. Creators of the play were aiming at a perfect combination of cinema and live theater. which provides an opportunity for a more dynamic story that takes viewers right into the play itself.

The play will be held in Kiev, in DK KPI on March 11, 7 PM. Those who are currently dating in Kiev should not miss this opportunity to take their date to this great performance.

SecureDating.com offers you a great way to visit Ukraine and get acquainted with Ukrainian culture and traditions. Those looking for romance can meet single Ukrainian ladies who are available for dating.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers Concert in Kiev – (SecureDating.com)

Red Hot Chilli Peppers is to play in Ukraine for the first time. The concert will take place on 25 July on the national stadium Olimpiysky in Kiev.

One of the most popular modern rock groups are giving their first Ukrainian concert as part of the “Tubrog GreenFest” music festival.

The band is bringing their new album “I Am With You”. The concert is due to become the biggest show in the history of Ukraine.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers was formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1983 by Anthony Kiedis, Michael “Flea” Baizary, Hillel Slovak and Jack Irons. Kiedis and Flea are the only two founding members who still play in the band.

The band is notorious for its experiments with funk, punk rock and hip hop and has developed its own unmistakable sound that found its funs all over the world. Songs such as “Californication”, “Road Trippin'” and “Under the Bridge” became legends in their own right.

If you are in Kiev in July, make sure you do not miss the show! Those who are dating single Ukrainian women can bring their dates along!

Kiev, Ukraine – The City With The Most Beautiful Women – (SecureDating.com)

Traveler's Digest names Kiev as the city where the world's most beautiful women live. SecureDating.com is your way to meet beautiful single Ukrainian girls.

Traveler’s Digest has named the top ten cities with the most beautiful women in the world. Kiev, the capital in Ukraine, stole the first prize.

The list of the cities with the hottest girls is based on responses from tourists who are traveling the world. The magazine states that “a visit to Kiev is truly awe-inducing and it’s almost hard to believe that women this beautiful even exist”. Most tourists comment on the matter that Ukrainian girls are not only beautiful, but highly intelligent and educated, most of them having higher education and being great conversationalists.

Single girls from Russia, particularly Moscow, won the 6th prize. Although most tourists found Russian girls to be stunning, some said that they can be somewhat intimidating.

SecureDating.com provides you with a great way to meet single Russian and Ukrainian ladies in Kiev, Odessa, Moscow and other cities. Don’t miss your chance to find your true love and friendship.

Find out why Kiev is the city with the hottest Ukrainian girls and read about other great travel and dating destinations in Ukraine.