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Elena Vizerskaya

At the prestigious international photo contest Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3) a Ukrainian girl from Kiev Elena Vizerskaya took the second prize in this year’s special contest “Selfportrait”. The photographer of the year, according to PX3, became Jonathan Knowles for a series of works “Liquid Beauty”.

Prix de la Photographie is one of the biggest photo contests in Europe. Every year new talents are discovered there. Photographers from all over the world are represented in this art community. The photos that won PX3 are displayed in the best galleries of Paris. After each competition “An annual book PX3” is published that includes the works of the winners and 20 other photographers that were chosen by a jury.

Elena Vizerskaya is a 32 years old beautiful lady from Kiev, Ukraine. Her work is dark, sexy and charming at the same time. Angelic beauties and hell demons, ecstatic colour bursts and foggy places where death lives – these are the features of Elena’s photos.


Elena Vizerskaya


French Spring in Odessa Ukraine

Romantic Ukrainian girls believe that French language is the language of love and romance. French culture is also very interesting for educated boys and girls from Odessa; that is why the annual event French Spring is always awaited with great impatience.

The French Spring is a festival of art and culture that takes place annually in all big cities of Ukraine. This event has taken an important place in the cultural calendar and became loved not only by Ukrainian ladies and gentlemen of the general public, but also by the professionals of media and culture.

This year the Embassy of France in Ukraine together with the French Alliance will present the 10th French Spring, it will be held from the 2nd till the 28th of April. As a part of the festival we will be able to see theatrical plays, premiers of French films, photo and art exhibitions as well as concerts.

The fashion festival Odessa Fashion Day will present again collections of designers from Marseille, the demonstrations will be held on the 5th, 6th and 7th of April.

Also the festival’s programme includes a cinematographic concert dedicated to the director of silent films Georges Méliès, a French film festival, a dance play “Tiger, tiger, burning bright”, a theatrical play “Cri du coq”, an organ concert of Bernard Struber and many other exciting events.

To make the most out of your Ukrainian dating and travelling experience, invite you beautiful date from Odessa to some of these cultural events.


Ukrainian Girls Love French Language


14th of February is St Valentine’s Day

Right now everyone is wondering how to spend St Valentine’s Day. This is the day when lovers express their love to each other, when you finally tell that one special girl that you love her, it is the feast of Romantic Love. This holiday is quite new in Russia and Ukraine, though romantic Ukrainian ladies and passionate Russian women are waiting for it impatiently every year. So here are some suggestions on how to impress your Russian girlfriend on this day.

1. Buy her a present, and preferably beforehand. Your lovely Ukrainian lady wouldn’t appreciate you running early in the morning to a shop to get whatever comes to your sight first. Think of what she really would like to get as a present on this romantic day. A nice handbag, a ring or a heart-shaped pendant, an exclusive set of cosmetics or her favourite perfume, a pretty scarf or even a plush teddy bear – with these gifts you will never go wrong.

2. Take her out for a romantic dinner. If you are thinking to invite your hot Russian girlfriend to a restaurant, make sure to reserve a table beforehand. Normally it’s hard to get any table at all if you are just a walk-in on the 14th of February. Make a reservation two weeks earlier, choose a small cosy place and get a table somewhere in a corner or next to a window, overlooking a river, a seaside or the city centre.

3. Bathe her in compliments. Of course it’s important to tell her that you love her, but don’t stop there. Tell her that she is gorgeous, intelligent, talented and that you are hoping for a long and fruitful relationship with her. You can write her a poem, make a cute heart-shaped postcard or hum a song that you danced to on your first date. Make her understand how special she is to you.

4. Surprise her. Send her a huge bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, fill the room with colourful balloons, make a poster “World’s most beautiful woman wanted” with her picture on it, sing her a serenade.

5. Take her somewhere romantic. Visit a dolphinarium or a planetarium where you can watch the stars together and plan on your bright future. Also this would be a perfect place to propose to your beautiful Russian woman, especially if you’ve reserved the whole place just for the two of you.

6. Play in the snow. Have a snowball fight and don’t forget to let her win, make angels together in the snow, ski, ride a sled with husky dogs, make snow sculptures of each other.

And the most important thing is to remember to treat your special Ukrainian woman like that every day, because showing your love doesn’t need an excuse.


Date and Marry Romantic Ukrainian Woman


Poster for symphonic concert in Odessa, Ukraine

Elegant Ukrainian Women enjoy classical music.

This year Odessa National Philharmonic Orchestra, with its principal conductor Hobart Earle, presents to the audience a holiday music programme. The concert is dedicated to the Gregorian Christmas and will be an evening of music by Tchaikovsky.

Large pieces from Swan Lake, The Nutcracker – traditional Christmas piece, and other famous composition by Tchaikovsky will be performed on the 25th of December.

Currently in his nineteenth season as the Music Director and Principal Conductor of the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra, Mr. Earle has elevated the orchestra to a position of international prominence.

In recognition of his work with the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra, Hobart Earle was awarded the title “Distinguished Artist of Ukraine”, the first and only foreigner in the history of Ukraine.


Odessa National Phylarmonic Orchestra

Madonna’s Concert in Kiev Delayed for 3 And A Half Hours – (SecureDating.com)

Madonna throws another great show, this time in Kiev for Ukrainian girls and boys

Yesterday, August 4, Kiev saw a performance by a queen of pop-music Madonna, for the first time in the history of Ukraine. The grand show took place on the «Olympic» stadium, but the atendees had to wait for three and a half hours before the superstar came on stage. During this time, Ukrainian girls and boy were being warmed up by a Urainian DJ Kirill Dumski.

The concert truly deserves the name of the music event of the year in Ukraine. The Ukrainian public has never seen a show like this before and even the fact that the concert started three and a half hours late was easily forgotten as soon as Madonna took the stage.

Madonna made her first appearance during the sound check, when she came on stage to do her usual warm up. She danced a little, chatted the the fans and even took up a Ukrainian flag that was passed on stage by the fans, a fact that was accompanied by another little incident. At first, the star picked up a Russian flag that was given to her by Russian fans who were also present at the concert, however the audience reacted with loud protests and Madonna quickly corrected the mistake by picking up the Ukrainian flag from Ukrainian fans.

However, when the show finally kicked off, it was all worth it. Madonna was her usual self, dancing all over the stage and displaying the acrobatic skill that will leave some circus acrobats stricken by jealousy. Quick changes of costumes and decorations, artists flying all over the stage – amazing lighting – Kiev has never seen a show like that before.

Otherwise, a Madonna show was just like any other Madonna show – lots of screaming Ukrainian girls and boys and plenty of fun to go around.

Beautiful Women and Rock’N’Roll – G3 Rocking Kiev – (SecureDating.com)

Listen to Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Steve Morse play during the G3 show in Ukraine, Kiev. Ukrainian girls have been voted as the most beautiful women in the world

G3 is touring the world for more than a decade and it is the show that features the top players of the guitar scene. G3 is a legendary show that was kick started by Joe Satriani who invites some of the best guitar players in the world to join him on tour every year. The show features such legends as Steve Vai, Steve Morse, John Petrucci, Robert Fripp, Paul Gilbert and other great musicians. For the first time ever, the show is coming to Ukraine and you have a chance to see the masters of guitar play live in Kiev. Better yet, you also have a chance to see for yourself if tourists from all over the world gave their thumbs up to Kiev as the city with most beautiful women in the worlds. Who knows, you may meet your love among many beautiful Ukrainian girls.

When Joe was asked how the whole idea of this gig came to his head, he said that he always felt isolated from other guitar heroes, everyone has his own band and they never play concerts together. He thought that guitar players needed more chances to meet, jam together, share new ideas and techniques. Of course, this had to be combined with his first passion – playing live. This is how it all started, says Joe, I just wanted to have a festival that concentrates on guitar, and this is what me and my manager came up with.

The first G3 gig with Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Eric Johnson was held in 1996 and it saw such tremendous success that a one-time concert quickly turned into an annual event. The show is held almost every year and it is almost always lead by Joe Satriani and Steve Vai who choose a third guitarist to accompany them on stage. This year, G3 is coming to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine and it presents a great opportunity for Ukrainian to see one of the best music shows ever.

If listening to great music is not a good enough reason for you to travel to Kiev, you should think about the dating scene there. Kiev has been named as the city with most beautiful women by Traveler’s Digest, based on the votes from tourists who traveled all over the world. You cannot get better recommendations than that – real life men from the States, Australia, Canada, Europe voted Ukrainian women to be the most beautiful women in the world. Don’t miss your chance to meet a friend and who knows, the relationship may grow into something far more serious. Come to Kiev this August to watch the band play live and meet real life Ukrainian girls!

Ukrainian Girls Raise a Riot Among Swedish Fans – (SecureDating.com)

Ukrainian girls conducted a demonstration in a Swedish fan zone during their game with France

While top European football teams are conquering the hearts of Ukrainian soccer fans on national stadiums, Ukrainian girls are stealing the spotlight on Kiev streets. A Ukrainian female-rights group FEMEN held a demonstration in the Swedish fan-zone just before the Swedish national team took on France.

Swedish fans initially mistook the protest for an impromptu striptease session, as one of the activist climbed on the table and took her top off. Some of the fans started cheering and even climbed onto the table to dance with the girl. However, the cheers were quickly replaced by booing as the girl started shouting anti-Euro slogans and kicking beer cups off the table. The girl was quickly taken into custody by the fan-zone security guards.

Femen is a group of activist who fight for female rights in Ukraine. Ironically, they prefer to do it naked, most of their demonstrations featuring topless girls. FEMEN activists also became known in Europe by conducting a number of protests in Italy during the last couple of months.

More News on Valeria Lukyanova – The Ukrainian Barbie Girl [VIDEO]– (SecureDating.com)

Valeria Lukyanova - Ukrainian Barbie Girl on a Private Yacht

Internet is a dynamic environment and what’s big today is likely to be completely forgotten tomorrow. However, this is not the case with the Ukrainian girl who claims to be a real-life Barbie doll, or at least its closest living manifestation.

Pictures of the Ukrainian Barbie girl flooded the Internet couple of weeks back, when Valeria Lukyanova has posted her photos to Facebook. The photos were quickly picked up and distributed by many of the online media, some even tried to make contact with this real life Barbie doll, sadly, to no avail. To this day, Valeria avoids contact with the press and the only news we get about this Ukrainian girl come from her blog and her page on Facebook.

Valeria is fueling public interest to her personae by releasing carefully measured amounts of pictures and videos of herself to the press. Couple of days back, this Ukrainian Barbie girl has posted a video of herself “without make up and contact lenses”. While she is not wearing any contact lenses indeed, the video shows that she does wear make up, although not as much as she does when she is doing photo shoots. The video shows a pretty Ukrainian blond girl, however, she does not look much like a Barbie there.

We have found this video of the Ukrainian Barbie along with more pictures for you to watch.