Top Russian Women Athletes Banned for Doping – (

Top Russian Women Runners were banned from all major competitions due to the doping scandal

A doping scandal sees three top Russian women athletes banned from the London Olympics. Nailya Yulamanova, Svetlana Klyuka and Yevgenia Zinurova have been accused of using doping to boost their performance by Russian authorities. The scandal is unprecedented as athletes have never before been suspended in Russia for abnormalities in biometric passports.

Evgenia Zinurova, the 2011 European 800 indoor winner and Svetlana Klyka, second at the 2006 European 800 championship, were temporarily suspended from all major competitions while Nailya Yulamanova, a European marathon champion, has been banned for at least two years. The decision came very unexpected and heavily undermined the Russian women Olympic team.

“While doping scandals are common for cycling, it is much more rare in jogging competitions”, said a representative of the Russian athletics federation. “ – It’s a huge loss for our team but their guilt has been proven beyond doubt.”

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