Dating in Odessa

Dating Ukrainian girls in Odessa

Odessa (also known as Odessa) is the third largest city in Ukraine, after Kiev and Kharkov and is rightly called the Southern capital of Ukraine. Odessa is conveniently located on the bank of the Black Sea and has three major warm water ports in its vicinity, being the trade center of Ukraine. Odessa has oil and chemical processing facilities and is connected to Russia’s and EU’s respective networks by strategic pipelines.

The origins of the name Odessa are heavily debated and this far, no single theory explaining its emergence is accepted by general public. The most plausible version is that the name came from the Turkish word for this area, “Yedisan”, which means “seven flags”. Some think that the city name originated from the Greek colony Odessos that was thought to be located in this region, however the real location of the colony is near the present day town of Varna, Bulgaria.


The oldest settlement that was located in place of Odessa is an unknown Greek colony. It’s remains were found under one of the main streets of the city and they are still available for display on this street. Little is known about this settlement.

The next major settlement in this place was founded in the 14th century and was called Hacıbey. It is unclear who founded the city, Tatars or Lithuanians, but it has developed as a major trade center for merchants who came to the Black sea from the Mediterranean region. In 16th century, the Ottoman empire blocks Borsphorus, the strait that connect the Black sea to the Mediterranean sea and the settlement dies out along with the trade. The colony is resurrected by the ottomans in the 18th century and a castle is built in its place. During the Russo-Turkish War, the castle is conquered by Russian and is completely destroyed.

After the end of the war, at the order from the Russian Empress Ekaterina II, a city and a port are founded in place of the castle and the city is called Odessa. Throughout the 19th century, the city has developed into a major port and one of Russia’s most populous city (at the end of 19th century, Odessa’s population was exceeded only by those of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Warsaw.

Today, Odessa is one of Ukraine’s largest and most beautiful cities with over a million inhabitants.

Things to Do

Despite having a large commercial port in the midst of a city and a number of various production plants on its outcrops, Odessa has always been a Mecca for tourists, both from the post-soviet countries and from all over the world. Odessa is known for its sunny beaches, shady parks, the Opera house and beautiful Ukrainian women.

Odessa lies along the coast line of the Black sea and most of the shoreline is occupied by beaches. Public beaches are just a short walk away from the city and are open 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. Swimming is possible from late spring till mid-autumn, while the water temperatures are still comfortable. Odessa beaches are also a wondrous place to be in winter, when the sea is frozen over and you can walk the ice as far as 300-500 meters into the sea.

Odessa’s opera house is an architectural wonder and a national treasure of Ukraine. The opera house was built in 1887 by Austrian and German architects and has unique internal acoustics. Even a slight whisper on the stage is heard equally well throughout the whole theater. Attending a performance is a must for everyone who visits Odessa.

Odessa is also the center of Ukrainian nightlife during summer, having a specialized district Arcadia that houses 80% of all nightclubs in the city, among them some of the largest and most famous clubs in Ukraine. Arcadia is a great place to meet Ukrainian girls in Odessa.


Odessa has long since became famous for its beautiful Ukrainian women. Odessa is an international city inhabited by people from all over the world and girls in Odessa don’t mind dating people of other cultures. Just like other women in Ukraine, girls in Odessa are highly educated and most of them have higher education.

Meeting Ukrainian women in Odessa is easy – they are virtually everywhere. Keep in mind, though that girls in Odessa don’t like meeting people on the street so don’t try to chase a woman wherever you see her. If you are told that your attention is not welcome, it is best to behave like a gentleman and let go.
Nightclubs is probably one of the best places to meet girls in Odessa, whether you are looking for fun or something that can grow into a more serious relationship. Be advised that it is customary for guys to pay for drinks and Ukrainian girls are expecting that from you. Apart from that, dating in Odessa is no different from dating anywhere else in the world.

Good news for those looking for serious relationships – Ukrainian women welcome marriage and girls of Odessa are no exception. Traditionally, Ukrainian women get married early, a large proportion gets married before they are 22 years old.


Most foreigners arrive to Odessa either by sea or airplane. Odessa has only one airport that is connected to the city by bus and taxi. Hailing a cab at the airport can be somewhat expensive as cab drivers frequently try to take advantage of those not familiar with local prices. Ordering a cab by phone from one of the local taxi companies will work out to be much cheaper. You can also order an airport transfer from and be welcomed to Ukraine by an English-speaking driver who will take you to your place of residence.

Getting around the city is easy, there are plenty of trams, trolleybuses and buses available. Taxi fares are also relatively low but you need to be able to speak Russian or have your destination written down in Russian since most cab drivers don’t speak any languages other than Russian or Ukrainian.

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