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For many years celebrating Halloween has become a common tradition for Ukrainian girls and boys. Even though it is not a Ukrainian holiday, many Ukrainian ladies and men gather every year in the end of October to scare each other with creative costumes and makeup, and to have fun of course. This year wasn’t an exception and every big city in Ukraine has offered their own way of celebrating this holiday.

Odessa has always been the city of fun and humour, so it is only natural that one of the biggest events in Ukraine dedicated to Halloween 2014, happened there. It  already has become a tradition for pretty Ukrainian girls and boys to gather down town before they all go to their own private parties or head to one of the Odessa night clubs to light up the night of All Saints. This year the City Garden was crawling with witches, devils and zombies. The passersby were attacked with the traditional Halloween demand ”Trick or Treat!” and had to either join the party or retreat to a safer area of the city.

The bicycle community of the city gathered for their own Veloween party in the centre. Dressed in spectacular costumes with even more elaborate makeups they bicycled around the city centre, whooping and screaming, scarring the evil spirits away. One of the most notable characters was a red haired witch with a broom attached to her mountain bike. However she wasn’t the usual evil and ugly witch, but quite the opposite – cheerful and very pretty.

However, the centre of attention got the zombie crawl through Odessa’s main street and the city centre. Hundreds of young Ukrainian girls and boys dressed as zombies were chasing a group of ”survivors” making time to pose for the cameras and take pictures with spectators.

The end of the public celebration of Halloween in Odessa city was held next to the monument to Duc de Richelieu, one of the city founders. Excited Ukrainian women and men lit the candles in the traditionally carved pumpkins, which they brought with themselves, and enjoyed the fire show prepared by the city activists.


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